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How can Bowen Help – Autism

How can Bowen Help – AUTISM

I had a recent experience with a boy, aged 11, diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. With his mothers permission i just wanted to share briefly their experience. Within two treatment the boys mother noticed significant changes with her son being able to maintain better eye contact and he wasn’t as jittery, the ‘hand talking’ has reduced and he is using more words in a much calmer voice than previously. At the first treatment i really didn’t try to even get him on the table i just let him play in the room and treated him in amongst play. At the second treatment we got him on the table, with careful explaining and leaving it open for him to say no.

First i want to preface this paragraph with the fact that Bowen is not a miracle cure, it isn’t. It is a very useful tool! I believe the results seen were a result of the fact that Bowen works on the ‘rest and digest’ part of the nervous system this is going to be instantly calming on the body. General bowen moves alone are enough to see an effect on a person with autism, however a specific move is the vagus move. The vagus nerve is responsible for most of the parasympathetic (rest and digest part of your nervous system) functions in the body, if stimulated it lowers heart rate, encourages gastrointestinal peristalsis, and generally conveys messages from the body’s organs to the bodies central nervous system. It is this move that i feel is a key move in working on someone with autism.